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GenePeeks Preconception Screen

Protect your future baby from genetic diseases

We started GenePeeks to offer parents-to-be the most advanced genetic screening tools before starting a pregnancy – when it’s possible to reduce the chance of passing on genetic risk.

How to get started

GenePeeks Preconception Screen combines DNA information from both genetic parents before a pregnancy begins. Set up a screen to confirm your prescribing physician and two genetic participants. Participants may include you and your partner, or a sperm/egg donor you plan on using to conceive.

GenePeeks science overview

How it works

A breakthrough approach to risk detection

GenePeeks Preconception Screen uses our Virtual Progeny method to digitally combine DNA information from both genetic parents, before a pregnancy begins. We use this approach to predict the genomes of a child they might conceive, based on thousands of potential combinations of parental DNA.

For every gene copy in these virtual genomes, we compute a Variant Gene Dysfunction score that integrates critical risk data that other screens don’t include.